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Forgotten Love, A love that lasts forever.

     He sat alone, waiting, but for what he didn’t know. He felt it would be a good day to wait, to hope, that he would finally meet her.
She had come here every morning for breakfast for weeks, her dark her bouncing in loose curls down her back as she walked through the doors. Finally he plucked up the courage to talk to her.
That is the day she disappeared, he no longer saw her big brown eyes still sleepy in the early sunlight, he could barely remember her olive skin, smooth and soft. Her voice rang tauntingly in his mind.
     “Black coffee and strawberry pancakes please.”
He snapped open his weary eyes to once again realise his mind was playing cruel tricks on him.
     Maybe her shifts had simply been changed, maybe her work started later. Maybe, just maybe if he waited until 3pm he’d see her walk gracefully through the doors.
But what if she had moved house, moved town or even worse, moved country. His heart pounded at the thought, he shook his head understanding how silly he must sound, he’s never even talked to her after all. She’s never even looked in his direction.
Again he’s pulled at his own heart as his eyes filled with tears.
       “Don’t be stupid,” he shakes it off. Muttering to himself, his trembling hand wrapped around his coffee and he goes to take a sip.

    “Mr Jacks, excuse me. You need to come with us, you don’t belong here.” A voice rang through his occupied mind.
His eyes shot open, he glanced around. His eyes fell upon two people, two men to be exact, in light blue clothes. Their eyes warm and caring.
   “But she’ll be here anytime now.” He cried.     “Don’t take me away so soon.”
   “She’s not coming, Sir, please come back with us. We will take care of you” the gentle voice chimed again.
    “Just 10 more minutes I’m sure she’ll arrive.” He begged once more.
They shook their head and helped him up, there was no point in fighting, his body shook once it bared his weight. And they helped him out the door.
   “Your wife died 10 years ago,Sir. Please understand she won’t come, now let’s get you back home, to the warm care home.” The kind man on his right said.
   “I’ll write a note, tonight I’ll give it to you, will you bring it here for me?” The old man questioned, his heart breaking.
   “Of course, good sir, of course.”


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