A Princess Nightmare, Taking her down. [Story]



PART 1, A Princess Nightmare, Taking her Down.

His pale hand wrapped tight around her arm as he lead her down the cold stone stairs, gripping her side as she stumbled. Blindfolded and hands bound together, she struggled against his firm grip. Her body shaking, muffled cries echoed eerily around the high ceiling underground layer. The white cloth in her mouth reddening as blood seeped from her dry, cracked lips. Hey chest heaving deeply with each breath

“Down here my dear, you’ll live life like a princess.” He said, his British accent very noticeable to her Texas born ears.

Gurgling, tears streaming, and eyes rolling. They reached the bottom of the staircase. Her bare feet on cold tiled flooring and shaking violently against the freezing air, she steadied her breath.

“I am going to untie your arms, follow my instructions.” He whispered into her ear, his hot breath repulsive to her.

She nodded fast, her shoulders flopping in relief. Flicking his wrist a pocket knife snaps into action and he cuts through the cable ties. Her bruised wrists come apart, she flexes her fingers, bring her hands around her front.

“Arms up.”

She made a cowardly squeak, her heart banging violently against her chest, she did as he asked. He pulled her blood stained vest over her head, his fingers outlining her body. His dark, cold eyes watch her jerky movements.

“Stay still.”

He kept one one hand on her hip, not taking his eyes of his hostage, he reached into a black bag. He unveiled a long white gown, diamonds and jewels covered the low back. He held her leg, helping her step into the beautiful dress. He slid it slowly up her long pale legs, his breathing heavy, his eyes full of lust, but his body showed patience. Tracing his fingers along her arm, she stood still, a beautiful statue. A pale, light haired, beautiful statue. Almost Princess like.

Unlike anything he ever knew, anything he ever understood. He knew, for a fact, she was destined to be his princess.

Sometimes, we do and say things that give the wrong impression, a simple gracious smile, or an elegant walk can make anyone subject to the prying eyes of Martius Topez.
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