The UnSpoken Conversation [Story]

He looked at me, his eyebrows furrowed. I can’t make it out, I could never make it out. One day he’s full of emotion, the next emotionless. Usually I read people, as if they were a book, but now, with him, I can’t tell. I can’t tell what or where I stand.
My arms drop to my sides in defeat, his bright eyes, glowing in the setting sun.
“What am I to you?” I ask, my voice almost as quiet as the gentle cool breeze.
“You already know,” he replied, not looking up.
Again, I felt nothing more or nothing less than usual. Again, my heart fluttered in a mad panic, already, as if I lost him. A crowded mind, am I too needy? Do I just want more affection. I do not answer myself, but I do know, I want him open, open to release his feelings.

She was staring at me again today, Again she looked confused. Her hair looked beautiful, shimmering in the setting sun, but I didn’t tell her.

“What am I to you?” She asked me, her angelic voice, like music to my ears.

“You already know.” I replied, not wanting to tell her just how much she means to me.

Already, I know how much she means to me. Already, the thought of wanting someone so much, scares me. A crowded mind, do I let her know her worth, and make myself vulnerable to her? Should I show her the affection I know she craves? I do not answer myself, but I know I do want her to feel loved by me, but I must protect myself.


They glanced at each other, the silence, almost deafening. He placed his arm around her waist, her head lay on his shoulder.

You know the stars,” he mentioned as they both looked at the slowly deepening sky, “they can’t measure your worth.”

She exhaled deeply, her heart fluttered wildly, but filled. Filled with relief. For now, she sat, satisfied with his expression of love to her. But she knew it was not long before she’d long for more.

All of us in love, we've all sat and wondered, asked the questions, and received a terrifying answer. An answer that was not enough to comprehend exactly what was going on. Desperately battled a thousand emotions, just to hear the words "love".

Thriving on the words, "I love you." But really, measuring the emotions of true love, can you speak it to make sense of it, can you explain it, or even show it with enough passion. We'll always be fighting. Fighting to find a way to prove our love, show what one means to another. But as he said...

Even The Stars Can't Measure Your Worth.



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