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Over The Bridge [Story]

The dark, cold river reminded me of a deep black abyss, flowing rough and fast as I stood watching it from the broken down wooden bridge. I have stood here many times before but never have I felt the dread I felt that night. My heart thumped hard enough I could hear it, but it was not the only thing I could hear. The voice whispering to me,

"You must do it." It laughed.

My hands shook as I puffed on my cigarette, my hair brushing my face in the gentle wind. It was a warm night but still a shiver ran down my spine, I looked down, deep into the water. A dancing silhouette under the dingy water called to me.
"Join me." It sung, it's voice welcoming and warm.
The empty bottle of pills on the floor beside me was blurring a little. The starry sky above lit the landscape I was looking onto beautifully. Sadness filling my stomach along with a severe burning sensation I assumed was the tablets I had just swallowed. I closed my eyes leaning over the metal railings of the br…

Who in the world am I? [Intro]

It's a simple question, with an infinite amount of answers. So lets start with the basics;

I'm Nicole A Preedy, I write, I read, I kick ass.

I write a whole load of crazy crap, but I do have my fair share of stories to tell, as a fiction writer my ideas are always coming, and never leaving. As well, of course, the inspirational quote!
I write Thrillers, Romance and Horror. Though I can be quite funny!

Why do you care? Simple answer is YOU DON'T. 
Complex answer? You are bored, you want to read something, something that will make you laugh, cry, bite your lip in anticipation or think deep into the logic of a made up murderer.

So, you're asking, what the hell is next.

EXACTLY, Hell is next, a few stories, HORROR, stories, based on Ghosts, Demons, Monsters and even the Devil himself well, I like to call him Lucifer since were on a first name basis! As well as the lovable and heart wrenching love stories!

Keep your eyes open for the first STORY to be feasted upon by, well... YOU.…